Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7)


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Everyone knows that, from its very beginnings, internet explorer has been an enemy of fast and secure internet browsing. Fortunately today, all that is left of that internet browser is its name.

Firefox’s recent improvement and the advances introduced by Google Chrome have forced Microsoft to practically rebuild its entire browser, turning it into something completely different to what it had been until now.

Internet Explorer 11 offers a smooth, fast and efficient internet browsing experience, getting rid of any excessively complicated controls and maximizing its compatibility with web standards.

The browser's security has also improved enormously, blocking or, at worst, alerting you of possible unwanted complements or toolbars that may have installed themselves on the broswer and restricting potentially dangerous file downloads.

It’s fair to say that, with these improvements, Internet Explorer 11 has taken a huge leap forward, putting itself up to par with tis competitors and making its loyal users a huge favor.

32 bits version.